Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Tech Job?

In my Windows XP Professional class on Monday, my professor suggested to check out the search engine . ChaCha is a search engine where you can actually have a guide help you search for a subject. These are usually people who are at least somewhat knowledgeable about the subject your searching. But, what's interesting about ChaCha; you can apply to become a guide, and get paid, usually $5 - $10 per hour. Guess what I did?

After fishing through the maze to become a guide, I put forth my application, and as of the moment, I'm an apprentice. I won't get paid till I finish training, but once I become Pro, I'll get paid. I can work whenever I want, where ever I want (provided a high speed Internet connection), and for how long I want.

Something like this is very close to what I want to do; work from home doing some type of support. At the very least, I'll get some experience with this, and have something to put on my resume. At the best, ChaCha will become a success, I'll become an Elite Guide, they'll do an IPO, give me stock, and I can actually make a living. Either way, I love this idea. I'm using the collaboration that Wikinomics is about. So, checkout ChaCha:

ChaCha Search Search

You can even add a ChaCha search bar to your browser:

Internet Explorer Toolbar

Mozilla Firefox Toolbar

I'll keep ya'll informed of my progress. And, if I start getting paid, I'll post a pic of me with my first IT paycheck.

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