Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dressed Up

Royal Palm Awards Night

These are from the 2004 Banquet. Nancy won 1st place for Short Story, and 2nd place for poetry. Except for some controversial MC'ing, it was a really good night.

You can see and read more about Nancy at her Yahoo360 Blog

I met Nancy in a writing class, and she decided I should ask her out. So I did. It didn't take much work on her part, and I was properly motivated. I'm sure you understand. Been together since Jan 1st, 2003.

Writing is something I 'can't not do', if you understand. I have to write. So many stories in my head, I have to download them or I'll burst. I've taken a few writing class, courses, and groups. Our group, Five Florida Writers, put out an anthology of our short stories and poetry in the book Florida Shorts. We'd really appreciate it if you purchased a copy on Amazon. Even if you don't want to buy it, or don't have the $$ at the moment, download the free ebook. You can purchase a printed copy later, if you want.

I did the cover picture, text layout and formatting; basically all the tech work. I'm our IT guy. It was an incredible learning process, and a great adventure putting the book out.

Marketing? That's a different beast all together. We're still learning.

Okay, that's enough marketing for the moment.

I went to class lastnight. This is my teacher, Mr. Ware. He's good. I'm already familiar with much of the material in the class, but there is some stuff coming up I really need to learn. Mostly MS Office details - Excel and Access. I can muddle my way through other Office programs. I've used it for so long, I sometimes feel like an 'expert'. Vain, huh? I've learned to catch myself when I get that idea. Whenever you think you really know something, a challenge come along and reminds you, you're not an expert.

So, I listen in class. As best as an ADD guy can.

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