Monday, September 12, 2005


When does life begin? Birth? 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester? Conception?

Personally, I think it began WAY before that. We are energy. Our energy existed far before this biological mass we currently posses, and it will exist far after we're done with these cellular vessels.

Yeah, I just saw the movie (click on the title of this posting to see what I mean). Personally, I intend to share my energy while I'm here. I've consumed enough for a few biological lifetimes.

Abby and Chili are bonding just fine

Nancy and I are glad to see the pups getting along, playing, and even cooperating. Abby watches out for and protects Chili when other dogs approach us on walks. Abby's showing a new level of confidence. We hear it too, in growls that make our blood curl. I guess the rotty part of her is coming to maturity.

Nancy making a new friend

Don't know what her name was, but she watched Abby and Chili walk by, and had a cute conversation with Nancy. Abby wanted to talk too, but I don't think the cat like what she said.

Cat's are interesting creatures - the house kind, and the large wild kind. The pretend to be independent, but seem to love being around us. The have affection surges, just like we do, and can be kind and gentle. But, cross them the wrong way, and you'll remember it for a few days. Oh, and they don't let you forget; you just get to borrow their house while they're there (I really had to work to figure out how to use all the the/ir/y're/re iterations).

That's Nancy's house in the background, and my truck -a Ford Ranger. She shares it with me. My truck was a present from Uncle Charley, after he crashed mine into a tree - see previous posts. I was trying to learn how to get myself into the scene of pics. I'm better looking than I thought. Nice smile, good cheekbones. And, I'm proud of my Thompson nose, dammit!

Another view of the house

I think this was actually before Uncle Charlie, Aunt Francis, and Cousin Jean came to visit. There aren't as many trees now. On Google Earth, you can see down into our pool.


I studied again. Pretty much all day. For ONE class! Maybe a bit of overload, but I really do want to learn this stuff. It doesn't even feel like studying. I'm going to school, basically, to learn new ways to play with toys. Adult Kindergarten. I figured out how to network pc's and macs, something we need around here. I swing both ways on that, not attached to either. I did Yoga this morning, too. My body is feeling much better already.

Looks like I'll be getting some extra part-time work, till my business picks up. I'll report more on that when it happens.

I'm going to try to blog everyday. My goal is to provide four things

  1. A journal of my day and life
  2. Some pics for you to see what's going on
  3. A small window into Danny land -if you can stand it
  4. Links to some interesting places

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please, share it with your friends, especially the links.

Links To Enjoy

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