Monday, September 05, 2005

Happiness and Sadness

It's interesting to feel happy and sad at the same time. I'm happy with my life, and sad that we lost Belle. Very sad. I'm happy to have Nancy, my family, Stephen and Brett, and my friends. I'm happy to be a part of the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival -and learn about art. I'm happy that my profession helps people, but sad that my biggest competition is apathy. I'm sad for all the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but happy for my friends who made it out alive and well. I happy about being a writer, but sad that I haven't heard from some writing friends in Louisiana. I hope they're okay. I happy I was able to give some to help people, and sad that I couldn't give more. I'm happy that I live in Florida, and sad that there's another twirly thing in the Tropical Atlantic.

Okay, enough of that mushy feeling crap.

My computer class is interesting. I'm excited about this new adventure. I'm not sure what I want to do with a degree in Computer Information Systems, but as I take more classes, I'll figure that out. Right now, I intend on going in the hardware direction, but that could change as I get me some more edge-u-mu-ka-shun. I do eventually want to start my own ebook publishing/marketing company. Things are changing fast, and I think that ebooks will take, as soon as there's something acceptable by the public. Cellphones with really nice screens are what I believe will work, but that's about three to four years off. Just in time for me to finish my degree

I'm back to learning Norwegian. I was doing an intensive review of Russian, in case I needed to CLEP or CLAST it, but it my not be necessary. If I have to, I'd like to be able to do it with either Norwegian or Russian. I really need to learn Spanish though. In fifteen years, almost half the country will speak Spanish. Linguistic evolution. People can hate that if they want. I'd rather simply adapt. I don't know why, but I was really struggling with Spanish. It's funny; my original intention of learning more languages was to be able to speak to more girls. Not necessary now, but I still want to learn. Makes me feel smarter.

It's labor day, and we're off for a few hours to EPCOT. It's difficult being in the house right now. Mental images of Belle popup everywhere, even on our nightly walks. We miss you, Miss Belle.

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