Sunday, September 11, 2005

Welcome, Foolish Mortals

Good Evening
When hinges creak
in doorless chambers,
and strange and frightening sounds
echo through the halls,
Whenever candlelights flicker,
where the air is deathly still,
that is the time
when Ghosts are present
practicing their terror
with Goulish delight.
No, this isn't the Haunted Mansion at Disney -my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom- but it looks like it could be. It's just one of the houses in our neighborhood. Looks like is should belong to someone from Skull and Bones. Could be just off campus of Yale, in New Haven. It's actually a really nice looking house.
Now this one is different

This house is on our nightly walk. It's been for sale a few times in the last two years. I believe the elderly lady that owned it passed away about two and half years ago. Sometimes, at dusk, we see lights on in certain rooms, sometimes upstairs. But, we haven't seen anyone near in it in a long time. The grass is regularly mowed, but other than that, we see no other upkeep. Vines are growing up the front, and the damage to the screened in pool has never been repaired.

I don't even like walking on the same side of the street as that house. It just feels wrong.

Now THAT's a Leaf!

I'm not sure what kind of plant that is, but the leaves are impressive.

This weekend, we didn't really do a whole lot. I think Nancy and I are still in a slight funk from Belle's death. But, we're laughing more, and starting to remember Belle with fondness.

About three weeks before Belle passed, we took care of Chili, for Nancy's daughter, Laura. Laura's schedule has changed quite a bit, and she wasn't going to be home enough for the energy requirements of an Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Queenland Blue Heeler.

Chili is a bundle of energy, as any herding dog would be, but our twice a day walks, and ruff and tumble play with Abby keep her worked. She's a wonderful little dog. We have too many nick-names for her at the moment. She's just too cute for one name.

When Chili first arrived, Belle took to the mother role again, and gave her a few lessons. It was cute to watch. Even though she only had a few weeks, I think Belle taught Chili a lot.

Abby didn't know what to make of the new 'interloper' at first, and just ignored her most of the time. The rest, she only seemed mildly annoyed. Now, that Belle has gone, Chili and Abby are bonding, and play in the backyard, probably three times a day. It's interesting to watch Abby assume the lead role between them. I think Chili will help Abby's confidence.

Next week, I intend to get about three weeks ahead on my studing. I also intend writing a newsletter, and getting it ready to post to my site. I'd like to get a few more clients. Katrina has put a damper on business. I feel a bit guilty even saying that; thousands in the Gulf region lost their businesses, jobs, homes, even their clothes. I help as best I can, but even so, each of us has to keep our own lives going. Still, my thoughts are with all those people.

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