Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

This morning, we said our last goodbye to Belle. She will be missed. She was buried with a few things from each of us; Nancy, Amy, Laura, Abby, and myself.

We each said good-bye, even Abby. She seem to have some sort of understanding. I'm not sure what dogs understand about death, but Abby understands her companion, mentor, teacher, and mother figure is not around anymore. Nancy made sure everything was right for Belle.

We put her to rest. I read a few poems. Got choked up a bit, and struggled through them.

Abby watched the horses in the next field. Chille watched the goats behind us, wanting desperately to heard them. But they were patient with us. Abby and Chille, I mean. I don't think the goats really cared.

Belle was covered, and Abby's marked her friends place with her paw-prints.

I'm sure Nikki, Nancy's Akita that passed just a few weeks after we started dating, was waiting to escort Belle across the Rainbow Bridge.

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