Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Does anything good every come from it? Does oil produce the same frenzy gold once did? Or, is the love of oil, rather than money, the root of all evil?

I'm sure oil and petroleum products do some good. I wouldn't be making this post without it. But then again, I'm not sure if that's a good thing.
I wouldn't be able to have cold food without petroleum products, unless I lived in the north. Way north.
I probably wouldn't have the allergy medicines available for me, not that they really work anyway.
I wouldn't have the nice shoes. Wait, these are Birkenstocks. Good ole hippy shoes. But, someone had to drive them here.

I guess we'd have to look at what a world would be like without oil. I guess just look back 150 years ago. Yep, that should do it. Not too pretty, huh?

Maybe, in the near future, synthetic oil will replace fossil fuels. Or BioFuels. So far, oil looks good at first, but like the girl that was a 10 across the room, gets worse as you get to know it. Then, it robs you of all life, infects your body, and festers in your soul.
A bit dramatic, maybe. Maybe not.

Alternatives? They'll come. They have to. Eventually. Hopefully, soon.

One thing is for sure; for us to have less fear from terrorism, gas prices, ecomony problems, each and every one of us will have to become Personally Energy Independent. Maybe, it will help each of us gain a level of true independence.

Enough lecture and essay.

I did Yoga today. No DVD, just my own. I did good too. Even threw in some inversion poses, strength poses, and balance poses. I felt really good after that.
In class tonight, we went over more Microsoft Word stuff. I'll pay much more attention when we get to Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. I did find out I'm the only one emailing the instructor my homework. I wonder if this is 'being the teachers pet'.

This is a pic of Nancy and I, waiting for the Vet to come in for ChiliDog's checkup. Chili was intestigating the waiting room.

Chili was not happy when it came time for shots. Not happy at all. Neither was I. Made me a bit queezy.

It seems Chili broke her hip playing with other dogs, when she was about 6 months old. It's going to need surgery, and she should recover just fine. I'll do her canine physical therapy -possibly a job opportunity?- and she might even be able to do Agility training and competition.

I'd like to see what she'd do with cattle, a 'mate?

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