Thursday, September 22, 2005


The Mac Mini is getting a 'quiet upgrade'. What other news is there? Funny thing is; I don't even own a Mac. Nancy does, though. I'm not a MacFanatic, but the Mac Mini is a great tool for a great price. I like Tech, pure and simple. Windows, Mac, and I want to learn Linux. For my degree, I'll have to.

I've learned something; when I'm blogging, I need to copy the html to clipboard every few sentences, just in case I have a page crash. Too many times, I've got mostly done with a blog, only to lose it for some reason.

My training has been dry lately. Except for Yoga, and a basic strength sequence of Chins, Dips, and Squats, I haven't done much else. Those are the basic three, and will cover your basic functional strength needs. My biggest problem is that I've had nothing to train for. No reason.

One thing I've learned as a Personal Trainer: If you why -your reason- isn't strong enough, anything will stop you. If your why is strong enough, nothing can stop you. I've had no 'why'.

My reasons have varied in my professional career; Proving a point of a training philosphy (that simply didn't work), Proving that the philosphy was really a cult - and proving that wrong, proving to myself I could get bigger - and achieving it, training for inline speedskating, training for Mountain Climbing, and training to be attractive to women. Of those, only speedskating really hit home with me, but the I simply couldn't devote the training and expense to make that work. I might try again someday. Still, it didn't hit the core reason for me

I'm a show-off. It's why I was a gymnast. I love being in front of an audience. Nancy took her daughter, Laura, and Laura's husband Brian out for my and Brian's birthday. We saw Cirque Du Soleil - La Nouba a while ago, and I wanted to jump up on stage with them. The guy flying on the scarves was impressive, and I wanted to do that. Maybe someday, I will.
I've come up with a purpose: I want to create my own performance, using strength and flexibility. Somehow, I'd like to incorporate Power Rings into that performance. I'd like to work up to some basic contortionist skills along with the strength display.
Here's an example:

Pretty good, for not having done it in many years. On that day, I just jumped on them, and did one. It wasn't as good as when I was a competative gymnast, but it was pretty good. I impressed myself.

I'll try to post pics of my progress here, and on my flickr pages.


I trained my clients this morning, walked the dogs with Nancy, did a basic Crossfit type of workout, and started studying. In between studying -which I can maintain for 20 minutes, at best- I did stretching, and parrellette strength work (those are the handle thingies you see above).

In the future, I might start posting my workouts. I might even start posting my meal plan. That works for many of the people doing the Body For Life program.

Hopefully, I'll be able to create a performance that might impress YOU!

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