Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm not sure what to write about today. Not that nothing is happening, just not sure how to write about it.

My family has some tension going on. Sux. We all use to be close, but now there's other things going on that keeps up apart. In distance and relationship.

The problems seem to be based on assumptions, but I guess most problems are. We assume people will understand something, but they don't. Is it our fault? Theirs? Reminds me of that T-shirt I saw; "We're having communication problems. You need to listen." Once the problems start, and are not dealt with, it just keeps going. Sometimes, to the point of no return. Critical Mass (Never understood what Massachusetts had to do with physics, other than MIT).

Assumptions are made on both side, but are usually the wrong assumptions. Interesting how both assumptions are usually wrong. This is true in any relationship, especially families. Even marriages. Business relationships seem to thrive on wrong assumptions. I think many business even bank on it. Especially banks.

We assume our wife/husband/son/daughter/mother/father will understand. Of course, they don't understand, because they assumed you meant something else. They get angry, or hurt, then you get angry because they don't understand. Your anger, or sometimes fear, prevents you from being able help the person understand. The other person is deep into their position, and cannot really even hear what you say.

Maybe, we're assuming we're assuming, when we're not really assuming at all. We assumed wrong. Maybe, we're presuming - Presumption.

Presumption- Behavior or attitude that is boldly arrogant, or offensive.

That sounds like what the other person is doing, right? Maybe, it's our presumption that's truly causing the problem, not our assumptions.

So, for I hope my family quits their presumptions, and works things out. Of course, I'm the one that's right. I make no assumptions. Yeah. Right.

Guess I did have something to write about.
I assumed wrong.

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