Sunday, September 18, 2005


For the fifth day in a row, I woke up with a sinus headache. Today was the worst so far. After Tylenol Sinus, it didn’t go away. After Excedrin, it didn’t go away. But, the Excedrin add the usual gastric bleeding and pain. I spent the day obsession on stupid things, like why the Coffee Mate dispenser wouldn’t work, or finding files to delete to create more hard-drive space. Well, maybe the last one wasn’t so stupid. I want to store more audiobooks –as though I really need anymore- and lots of pictures. When I hurt, I obsesses on weird things for distraction.

I have a pretty kick-ass system, and I’m learning how to do it on the cheap. In the future, I want to see how little I can spend upgrading, not how much. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have a choice. In a few day's, I'll post some pics of my setup. I just need to clean my desk. Okay, maybe I'll show the pics in a few months.

Well, because of the head and stomach problems, I think it’s time to turn the RANT mode on:
  1. FBI –yeah, you Carnivore, CIA, Homeland In-Security, IRS, listen up! Your bosses are incompetent! And, their boss isn’t even a Republican!! He’s a friggin Skull! We, the American people, didn’t even get the benefit of a real election! Yes, that’s right! I’m one of those freaks who believe America got Skull-fucked. Yes, I’m one of the insane people who think Kerry threw the election, and helped the Skulls. Now, for the record, I don’t care about conspiracy stuff. I don’t care if a candidate is actually part of a conspiracy. They can have at it all they want. But when the only two choices we have are a part of the most successful boys club in history, doesn’t feel like much of a choice, especially when both candidates keep silent about their affiliation. That silence spoke volumes about true allegiance to me. Check it out. Republicans and democrats alike, have been had.
  2. Our government has shown its complete incompetence. We see that everyday, about Katrina. What’s worse, they’re incompetence is only increasing. We hear one things, but we see another. Folks, no matter what your income level is, your survival in a disaster is up to you. We now know our tax dollars have been completely wasted, far beyond what we ever imagined.
  3. The Iraqi constitution problem? Why don’t we give them ours? We’re obviously not using it anymore, especially the Bill of Rights.
  4. To those business who are part of the financial, credit, and legal situation: Does operating a business in a manner that keeps struggling people in a continuous struggle really help? Does it really make you that much more money? Is it really worth it? If it is, well, just remember the movie Fight Club, and don’t be surprised if that actually happens. Piss off the peasants long enough, and you’ll see, just like Marie did.
  5. To the conservative Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Mormons, and pretty much any other religion; You’re all WRONG, and throughout history, most your actions prove my point. To think that any human could even comprehend what God is, is pure vanity. No, I’m not an atheist. Far from it. And I’m certainly no one to tell you what is right, or what God is.
  6. Everyone who lets themselves fall into a category of ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ – Go ahead, jump on the bandwagon. It’s a lot easier than thinking for yourselves. And, you get to be in the club. You get to point the finger at someone else, and claim, “It’s THEM. They’re the problem.” (Remember, that was Hitler's tatic). Lot easier than looking at yourselves, huh? Go ahead, follow someone else’s river of thought. Just don’t be surprised where you, or your country, ends up. Or even your religion.

    Okay, enough of my lunacy. Rant mode OFF.

    These pics were from today’s attempt to get out of the house for awhile. You can see how successful it was on our mood.
Sorry, Pier One. It wasn't your fault. Ya'll were nice to us, even when I sat at your nicely decorated table, and asked in frustration, "Can I have a menu now, please."


J. Sandstormer said...

"Can I have a menu now" LOL that is so you.

elaine said...

we really need to find some medicine for that tummy of yours, don't we?