Friday, September 09, 2005


Mike, Karen, Estelle, Nancy, Danny
Our project, Florida Shorts, would probably never have happened if each of us tried individually. The talents and encouragement from each helped push the book to publication. This picture was a booksigning last year in Ormand Beach. It was an author festival. There were 75-100 authors there. I think we sold one book. For some reason, barely any public showed up. The weather was good, not too hot or cold, as you can see. I think the event just wasn't well publicized. My long white adventure shirt is to keep the sun off me. I don't want to get more skin cancers removed. Ugh. We had a great display, probably the second best of the show. One author, Angela Pitenis, sold over twenty books; Rubber Band Wars. She wrote it when she was 13 or 14 when she wrote it. At the show, I think she was 15. Cute girl, and very smart. At 15, her conversation skills were better than most adults. She'll write more, I'm sure, and do very well. I think she was the only author that sold any books. I bought one. It was really good.

Book Signing at Urban Think Bookstore in Orlando

That's me, behind the clothes line of miniature shorts, and Mike to the far left. You can see our table display. The Mac had a PowerPoint presentation rolling. This was a fun event. We sold 11 books. We thought that wasn't much, but we later found out the average booksigning sells only 17, unless it's a 'name' author. The place is interesting. Different than a Borders or Barnes and Noble, but I liked the industrial atmosphere.

We've had other booksignings. In Sanford, we sold the most books, almost twice as much as the other signings put together. We discovered that 'old Florida' was our market.

Getting a book publish isn't hard. That's the easy part. Getting people to buy your book is the hard part.

Please, pretty please, buy our book.

Even if you don't want to buy it, you can download it for free on our website: Five Florida Writers.

The point of the title of this post?: Even if we don't sell anymore books, or I ever sell my books, the friends I've made in my writing pursuit have been worth it all. Especially these friends.

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