Thursday, September 08, 2005


I couldn't think of a better title. Sorry.
More notes on getting older:
I had a headache all day. Sinus/tension type. I think it has something to do with the low pressure the Tropical Storm creates. Allergies were kicking up, too.

I didn't have alergies like this until I turned 40. I've always know I was allergic to coconut, and possible silver nitrate. I've had a severe outbreak three time, bad enough I had to go to the emergency room. But I've never had the typical allergies -sneezing, sinus congestion, etc.

It's like the Seinfeld episode; the one where George suggests he break up with a girl by suggesting a threesome. The idea was suppose to repulse the girl, and cause her to break up with him. Didn't work. She went for it. Problem was, Jerry wasn't into it.
"I have to buy new clothes, new furniture, a new hairstyle. I'm not ready to commit to being an orgy man."

I kinda feel that way.
"Now I have to buy hypo-allergenic soaps, clothes, and allergy meds. I'm don't want to be an allergy man."

Then, there's the whole intestinal stuff. But, we won't go into that tonight.

I trained my clients this morning, then studied alot. I studied stuff that wasn't even in the book. I have some CD's I got at Sam's club that teach the same stuff. I like the CD's better than the textbook. A little animated girl talks to me. I like girls, even animated ones.
I studied Norwegian too. Not as much as I'd planned. The headache kept me from concentrating. But then, that's not much different than how my mind works anyway. I'm lucky to complete a thought. Writing helps.

We went to The Florida Writers Association meeting tonight. A screenwriter, Wayne Carter, did the presentation. It was a good presentation.

His book, Hollywoodaholic is about how not to go crazy being a screenwriter. His story about going out to Hollywood was good enough to make a movie. Not sure if I want to do screenwriting. I might. I have a few stories that might fit that mode, but I need to learn the formating and style. My sister, Robin, has a degree from UCF Film School -and one in drama from University of Georgia. She's given me some good info. I might crack it open now.

Nancy and I did Yoga tonight. It's good to get back doing it again. It keeps the physical tension down, big time. Best anti-anxiety treatment ever, for me at least. The dogs kept interrupting us.

When I first started, I'd get all bent out of shape about them interrupting us (get it? ...'bent out of shape'). I'd get all aggravated -which most people can never tell- and yell at them. Then, I realized that's not what Yoga is about. It's about slowing down, kindness, simplicity, stuff like that. Now, when the dogs come it, we 'pause/paws', and huggy and kissy on them. Petting a dog is relaxing too. It's part of our Yoga now.

I think Jesus would have done Yoga, if he'd know about it. The conservative Christians (which I think is an oxymoron) think Yoga and Christianity are mutually exclusive, that it would be worshipping something or someone else. Now, I dont' claim to know it all, and I'm rarely ever right -don't really care about being right any more- but the conservative Christians are just plain WRONG on that. Course, I think they're wrong on pretty much everything. They are anything but Christian. (Religious rant over now).

Now that I'm on that kick, I hope we can get the fake Republican that's in office right now, OUT. Elizabeth Dole would have been WAY better. I don't know what he is, but he's NOT a Republican. I just hope the Republicans figure that out.
Friggin bonesman.

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