Monday, December 25, 2006


Ever since I changed the colors and layout of my blog, I've blogged more. I guess there was something about the previous look and layout that just didn't inspire my words. I could sit here for the next few days and analyse just what inspired me and why, or I can just go with it. I'm too lazy to analyse. I'll go with it.

On Saturday, we went to Lakeland to meet up with the kids. The youngest has moved back to Lakeland, and the oldest was already there. They're only an hour and fifteen minutes away, so I'll be able to see them more.

I worked on setting up their computers, but without broadband, it's difficult. No way to even do updates. They're getting it; Bell South DSL I believe. I'll be able to talk to them more, and hopefully see them online. Who knows; maybe I can get some some Skype phones. Guess that will come later.

This experience taught me an important lesson; Modern day Operating Systems; Windows, Mac, and Linux all depend on being online to work well. They'll work without being online, but you don't get the updates and security fixes. Without being online, you really don't need to worry too much about security, but the updates sometimes fix bugs in the systems. You can get by with dial up, but barely. In todays world, with cellphones, many people won't have a phone line. Some people don't have a phone line or Cable TV. Their lifestyle just doesn't warrant the expense of paid for TV content, or they just don't get into TV much. No time, or no interest. Many people are less technologically connected with the world around them, sometimes by choice.

But, todays world also depends on connectivity. Entertainment, communications, even education, are quickly going online, if they've not completely made the switch.

Today showed me what can happen with future "FreeBox"es I give out. In order for people to really benefit from having a computer, some form of connectivity needs to happen. There are low-cost dialups, and I've heard there are even no-cost dialups. This could be a choice for some people to at lest get email, read forums, and use Instant Message programs. To really get the full-hit experience of the Internet, you need broadband. Some people can borrow their neighbors wireless access point. I'd get the neighbors permission first (yeah, right). It really doesn't hurt to ask, especially if you can offer something in return. Or, you could do the borrow-till-they-say-something, and feign ignorance. "I'm really sorry. I didn't realize it was connecting to YOUR house." But, many people don't have wireless in their homes, and many people lock their wireless access points down. I do have a program that can break those encryption codes, and get the password to the wireless access point, but using them to break into someone system is a crime. I believe it falls under the laws of trespass.

When I get FreeGeek going here, I'll need to have SOME way of helping people get connected.


I got Nancy a Blue Mailbox. To understand the significance, go to, and download our free ebook (you'll need Micrsoft Reader to view it, so go here. In the future, I'll have universal versions up). I got a book I wanted: The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson. I also got some clothes, a movie, and bunches of other stuff. I'm enjoying them. The attempting under-consumer in me feels guilty. I'll deal with the guilt later.

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