Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cool Things

This is my birthday weekend. Tomorrow, the 17th of December, I'll be 43. I don't mind telling my age. I don't like feeling it. Physically, this hasn't been a great year. Not near as bad as some people, but not my best. Some of it was out of my control -as far as I knew- and some of it was in my control. My focus this year has been on career change and educational progress, not physical. I learned a lesson this year; no matter what, the physical must never suffer lack of focus. So, next year, I've set a goal. My friend, Josh Miller, encouraged me to do so. Here it what I've got to accomplish:

This is called a "Press to Handstand". Or, "Handstand Press". When I was competative, we called it a "Press-hand". I was able to do this easily in my youth. This is my goal this year. When I accomplish it, you'll see the video, right here!

I didn't study much. A little, but I needed a mental break. I want the certification, but bits and bytes were tossing my head about. That, and it's my birthday weekend. I'll take any excuse for being a slackard. My version of being a slackard: Searching the Ubuntu forums to figure out how to make my equipment do what I want. I call this, "Progressive slaxation". It may not be productive at this very moment, but I'm willing to bet it's going to get me way ahead in the future. Ubuntu is going to be the next Red Hat of the Linux OS world, and probably a major player in the developing nations, leading Microsoft to rethink their business model. Meanwhile, folks like Mark Shuttleworth will be way ahead, with businesses like Canonical, System76, and various other offshoots. I think when Red Hat did the Fedora Core thing, they make a good decision, but may have made too many mistakes in doing so. (Linux specific techy warning!): Fedora Core's legacy project has faultered -if you want to call it that. The Fedora Core organization has had some difficulties, and Red Hat hasn't jumped in to fix it. Possible, Red Hat should have kept their desktop OS free, and not split off Fedora Core as their free version. Ubuntu is giving away the software, and selling support. And, anyone can create their own support company.

Okay, time for a commercial break. I contacted System76 earlier today, and they don't have an affiliate program yet. Middle of next year, they told me. No worrys. I'll still advertise for them. From what I hear, it's THAT good of a product!
The Gazelle Value series, starting at $799
Now, I don't get any money if you click on the Sytem76 links. Eventually, when I have an affiliation with them I will, but not just yet. Still, I think it's worth it to promote them. Worth it, to you! I seriously doubt you'll bother, for now. In the future, I think people will install and use Linux, especially Ubuntu, by the thousands. The momentum is already started.

Tonight, Nancy and I went over to her mothers to put together her new workout chair; The Resistance Chair Exercise System by Continuing Fitness. I'd seen this thing on TV, and thought it might be a good idea for her. Nancy and I ordered it online, and her mother recieved it in only a few days. As I put it together, and watched the DVD's that came with, I was extremely impressed. For older adults, this is an incredible product.

We also got her mother the short-stroke exercise bike attachment.

Just like the System76 computer, I don't get any commissions if you purchase this product. No matter. I'll get commissions pretty soon -I applied for affiliation. But, the product is that good. I highly recommend it. If you have an older adult relative, especially someone who's become slightly feeble, this would be an excellent choice for them. Check out the website, and email me for more information.

Other than that, not much else has gone on today. Here's Nancy and I at Amy's wedding rehearsal dinner:

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