Friday, December 15, 2006

Back to Marketing

Well, I've decided I'm going to try the old affiliate program thing again. I'm going to do more ad's here again. See if I can actually get this blog to bring in some income. If I don't, no biggy. If I do; BONUS! I'm going to put ads for specific things, mostly. I might do a few general ads here and there, but mostly specific items I use, or would use if I had the money.

I have this theory that the key price for most people to buy things is $150. Once prices for electronic gizmo's drop to that price and lower, the buying really happens. I could be wrong, at that just be my price. Anyway, I've applied to be an affiliate for some very specific things, and I think you'll understand when you see. I'm also going to try to make them somewhat entertaining. Other than the Google Adwords (below the archive to the right. Click on one, if you would. Please?), The ads will be part of the blog. At the very least, I'll try not to make it too boring.

I know this is a departure from my over-consumer attitude, but I think you'll see that it won't become a freakin marketplace. I'm not going to try to sell you everything under the sun. It's kind of like Clark Howard's advice on investing; "buy stocks in companies that you use their products or services". I don't know how accurate that actual turns out to be in the financial investment strategies, but it makes sense to me. Most of the items you see will be things I would have written about anyway, but this way, if you click on the link, and especially if you purchase something, I might actually make some money.

You might decide to find the item yourself, or search for a better price. Or maybe find it on Ebay. By all mean; do so! If you see something, and say, "Okay, that's looks pretty interesting," then my job is done. If you choose to buy through my link, I'll benefit. If you choose to purchase the item somewhere else, then you'll benefit. I've got no problem with that.

So, for my return to ads:

Cingular Wireless, LLC

I use Cingular for my service. Why? Rollover minutes! I've got WAY too many now. Probably around 10,000 extra minutes. It would take me a month of talking to catch up. I picked the above ad because I think that was the phone in the new James Bond movie. Not that I'd want that one, but it looked cool in the movie. I'm sure Q-Branch modded the phone for 007.

Now, to keep things even, and somewhat fair, here's something you can very much use, and it's free:

Portable Apps are applications you can load onto a USB Jumpdrive (thumbdrive, portable drive, whatever you want to call them). There's even a suite of apps. I use the OpenOffice portable app often, and the GAIM portable app too. I use OpenOffice much more than Microsoft Office, so having the portable application for it really helps. So, for something for free, and really productive, click on the link, download the suite or specific app you want, and enjoy. I highly recommend the portable antivirus, ClamWin.

In Other News:
We took Chili to the vet today, for a checkup on a urinary tract infection. The infection had cleared, as we expected. Chili, however, wasn't pleased with the method of getting her temperature, and let us all know with an abundant fecal sample. I think that dog can turn stink up a notch at-will (poor will....everyone fires at him). Nancy and I decided to wait outside for the results. The doctor even decide to finish the lab exam outside.

I've spent most of the days going over practice A+ Hardware certification practice exams. When I can consistently score above a passing grade, I'll go take the test. Hopefully, that will happen after Christmas.

One last recommendation: Go to the Ghost Relations Deptarment Blog:
I thought I was a Haunted Mansion freak! I'm not worthy to be this guy's apprentice!

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