Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Good Days

This is Nancy at Universal Orlando today. We went to pick up our new annual passes (thank you, Nordina Wayman!). We did a few rides at Universal Studios, and a few at Islands of Adventure. We did the Disney annual passes for two years, and got 'Disney'd out'. It was time for a change, and Universal was cheaper, and closer. In fact, I believe it was less than half the price. It's good.

No commercials today. Linkshare has been finicky with it's sign-in page, so I can't get the links I want. The independent affiliations are still being worked on, so those probably won't be available till next year. For now, let's use this free commercial:

If you have a Mac, especially one of the G3, G4, or G5 versions, Open Source Mac is a collection of free, open source software for Mac OS X. Good stuff, sometimes better than paid for stuff. Check out the site, and have fun.

Getting sleepy now. It's been a good day!

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