Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blog Inspired

I like the changes to my blog. They inspire me to blog more. I even like the new flickr doohicky. I used an html version, instead of a flash version. It's static, but it load much quicker.

My laptop's battery is doing better with the power changes. I can get twenty to thirty minutes now. 1 GHz works well enough. Anything lower doesn't make the battery life better. I used the instructions in from the Ubuntu documentation website. If you decided to put Ubuntu on your laptop, you'll want to follow those instructions to get as much battery life as you can.

In Other News
Money is tight this holiday season for me. Okay, money has been tight EVERY holiday season for me. One of the issues of being a personal trainer. Many professions experience this during the holidays; doctors, lawyers, accountants. It's the bain of self-employment. For a few years, I did something that helped me though the season. I save my pocket change up all year, and used that for presents. I got the idea from Clark Howard, on his consumer advocate talk show. It worked. The problem this year is that I didn't spend enough money to make it work. I didn't spend enough because I didn't make enough. I didn't make enough because I'm in school. Hopefully, in another year, I'll be able to spend enough to get some pocket change for Christmas. Then, I too can participate in our over-consumer economy, and the over commercialized tragedy everyone knows as Christmas. Christmas has become so very un-Christian. I think Jesus would be pissed. No. He'd be forgiving.

Since I've figured a way to load pictures directly from my PocketPC's sd card, I'll be able to get more pics to flicker soon. I'll start taking more pics. Happy Day! You'll see more of my face plastered around here.

Nancy's cold isn't too bad this year. She called it her, "Bi-annual cold." Is she being insensitive toward the sexual practices of viruses. Viri (whatever multiple virus are called). Maybe, someone will come along and represent the virus, and sue her. It could happen.

I'm wondering how many blogs people read. I read about a dozen a day. I listen to about ten podcasts a week, usually on the way to school or back, and one or two videocasts a week. Being that I'm a techy, and interested in the social aspect of the internet, my actions are expected. But what about people who aren't Web 2.0 active? What about just regular surfers? Do you read Dvorak Uncensored? How about any of your friends blogs, or interesting blogs you've run across? Do you read any famous persons blog, like Neil Gaiman or Cory Doctorow? Maybe someone like Mark Shuttleworth? Or do you read just your friends blogs? I wish more of my friends would do blogs. It's a great way to stay in contact. At the very least, use the frigging blog entry on your myspace page (no matter how ugly the site is, or how slow your music choice causes it to load!)

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