Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Geek Reading

This Christmas has been a Bonanza for my new literary curiosoties.

Nancy gave me a copy of The Long Tail for Christmas:

a book I've been wanting and very important book for writers in todays marketplace. With a gift card, I got Wikinomics and Code.

Wikinomics is about how online collaborative environments are changing how we communicate and do business. The book code is about the history of computer coding, and how it works.

As I looked through it, the presentation looked interesting. Very story-like. Time to catch up on my geek reading. And yes, if you click on the above links and buy one of the books, I get a percentage. But, like I said, these are books I have, and am currently reading.

With school, I haven't been to excited about reading lately, and even writing has been a strain. I'm glad to get back into a reading swing with some different material for me.

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