Monday, December 04, 2006

Nancy the Geek

I've almost Geekified Nancy. Take a look at her desk:
She has a Mac iBook G4 (the 'old' PowerPC kind), a 17" LCD Monitor with speakers and a USB hub, a rebuilt Compaq with Ubuntu Linux -Dapper Drake 6.06 LTS- on it, a Linksys Wireless Router with various antenna boosting going on, and I'm taking the picture with her digital camera. And, she has a USB Jumpdrive, and an external Hard Drive.

What probably makes her Geek is non of these things by themselves (unless you count the Ubuntu Linux computer), but all of them together. I've actually caught her using both the Laptop and the Desktop at the same time. She'll ask me to help her do something, and I'll ask, "What happen when you tried it?" She'll reply, "I didn't try yet." I get her to try it first, and 95% of the time, she can do it just fine. Most of the time she can't, it's either an equipment or software problem, and not her fault. She'll get impatient, just like everyone, but she can use all the above just fine. What I think really makes her geek? She refuses to use Windows!

She'll listen to my Geek/Techie podcasts with me, but not with great enthusiasm. She'll listen up if I play a writing podcast. Or a dog podcast. I think once I get her knowing how to use iTunes to get her favorite subjects, she'll listen when I'm not around. Not yet, but eventually.

She's more of the IT user, and I'm the household CIO (Chief Information Officer). I gather the equipment, set it up, implement it, and she uses it. Hey, I just realized: I'm a CIO!

We're taking over the world, one by one. Just like vampires.

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