Friday, December 01, 2006


So I have this Network project. I have to prepare a presentation of what it would take to network 25 computers, with a server, a switch, and anything else necessary. There are other necessaries, of course.

I've learned about the OSI model, packet data, cabling, 802 standards, IEEE standards, and much more. I still can't properly network my own computers at home!! I know this is the first level class, and there's another after this, but I feel like the little a child from an improvished country that just been handed a set of Star Wars lego. I'm mostly clueless.

In the last few days, in an act of utter desperation, I've downloaded about 25 different books on Networking. The first one I looked at, Networking for Dummies, is better than our text book. I wish I'd done this at the beginning of the semester. I'm reading it as much as possible. Some of the other ones too, but the Dummies book first. I learn more when I attack things from multiple angles. If only there were some good videos on networking.

Okay, found them here!
No, I don't expect you to rush to that website. I linked it mostly for my benefit.

I'll get the project done. I'll probably get a good enough grade. But, I'd like to feel like I have a clue of what I'm doing.

In Other News
Lately, there hasn't been much other news. Just school. This is a good thing, I hope. Nancy and I do our daily routines; I train clients in the mornings, she walks the dogs. I go to school, then come home and eat lunch, then stick my nose in the Ebooks. Websites. Hey, it's what I'm in school for. All these years of playing, I was actually LEARNING!

I'm really excited about getting a FreeGeek 'franchise' going here in Central Florida. My professor is excited about it too, which has me double charged. Like double caffinee coffee with a red bull.

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