Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bossman Kaput

I've abandoned my Bossman Project. The idea was right, but doing it by myself wasn't. I've found a new way: FREEGEEK.
FreeGeek is similar project, with much smarter methods. Check out the website. They also give away free computers, with Ubuntu Linux installed. But, they have much more:
They take in old computers, fix them up, rebuild them as best as possible, lode Ubuntu Linux on them, and much more. To get a free computer, someone just has to volunteer for 24 hours -I'm guessing not necessarily in a row. Then, they get a FreeBox. They not only get the computer, but they go through training on how to use it. The FreeGeek organization in Michiana Indiana also sets up what's called FreeLabs, where people can come and use the computers; Word processing, Internet Surfing, emailing, and even learn programming. For free. These places are put in areas where most people don't have access to a computer. The computers are mostly intended for someone who probably could never afford a computer. But, anyone willing to devote their time can get a free one, even if just to give it away.

So, my new endeavor: FreeGeek Central Florida. I already have a halfway decent start. I've put together a few systems, and given out a few. But doing this with a group of people would be so much better.

There are SO MANY computers out there that still have good use. Still have better than good use, and can probably be better than they originally were. The software companies, especially the one in Redmond, has people convinced they need to upgrade their hardware along with their software. What they really need is better software. Especially, software that can make use of older equipment.

If you've got an old box (do NOT look at your wife after reading that line), and think you need to upgrade, try putting Ubuntu on it instead. Or even Fedora Core. These operating systems come with most of the software you'd need, already installed! OpenOffice, GIMP (like photoshop), GAIM (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk messenger, rolled into one), and most of the hardware drivers are already in the system. Much more, for free! If your not sure about those software alternatives, most of them have Windows compatible programs. You could get use to the Windows version, before you switched if you wanted.

Better yet, go ahead, do the hardware upgrade. Kill the hard drive on your old computer, and donate it to one of these organizations. Especially Central Florida -once I get it going!

# # # #
In Other News:
I went through a complete upper body workout today. A big improvement since starting back. I'm still much weaker than I was before starting the medicine, but strength is coming back.

About the medicine: It either takes awhile to start working, or it's not working for me. I'm still having some issues; pain, swelling, and urgent trips to the bathroom. Nothing major, but enough to go; WTF!

Please click on the links in this post, and checkout some of the sites. None are commercial (except for the Redmond one, of course), and they will give you and idea of what I'd like to do. Also, maybe YOU could give me some ideas!

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