Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Nancy's mother isn't going very well. She's not bad off, or anything, but probably just what most 85 year old women experience. It's difficult to watch someone become feeble, and struggle to communicate. You feel bad for them, and frustrated with them at the same time. Then you feel guilty for feeling frustrated, right to the point where they annoy you, then you feel bad for them again. Being a family member to an elderly person is a difficult place -much like being a parent again, but this time to your own parent. I guess most people throughout history experienced this, unless war, famine, or disease killed everyone off.

I keep up with Jack LaLanne. He's 91 now, and still doing well. He's lived the life of health and fitness, and he shows the lifestyle does work. He still enjoys life, and gives of himself to many people. I can only hope to be 1/4 as healthy and vibrant as Jack. Too much Diet Dew in my gut now. I'll probably have a large green tumor removed from my liver someday.

It's a VHS tape, and a bit pricey, but you'd be purchasing a piece of history. Everyone knows I'm a huge Jack LaLanne fan. At the very least, check out the Jack LaLanne Website- http://www.jacklanne.com

I've blogged it before, but I'm fairly sure I'll die one of two ways -or maybe both:
  1. I'll be 95, and shot to death by the jealous husband of a 20 year old girl.
  2. While mountain climbing, parachuting, skiing, or something like that, my last words will be, "Aw shit."
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