Thursday, December 08, 2005


Figured out the reason I haven't been working out. I've been in denial that I'm getting a cold. "It's just allergies." "This weather's getting me." I probably had lots more, but that's the down-and-out truth. Crud stuck. So, with that, I couldn't come up with any good blogging, so I'll give you some sick Danny pics:

This was after going to the Christmas get-together at the Rollins College Presidents home. Nancy donates, so she gets invited to those types of hoo-te-doos. I don't even get invited out for a beer with the homeless drunks. Lets see who I give to next year.

This was at Sam's Club. Nancy had to get stuff for the Christmas party next week. I forgot about it, sort of. We'll miss the end of The Apprentice, unless I can scoot everyone out the door before then. I was feeling so bad while shopping, I had to sit down. (Guys, take note. The cold excuse works, sometimes.)

I wasn't feeling good at all. This was at lunch, and either I was about to sneeze, or something smelled funny. You know, how everything smells different when you have a cold? Maybe it's just me.

That's my day, folks. Sorry I didn't have anything interesting.

I'm considering starting another blog. This one would be specifically for writing. I'd take that days Writer's Digest prompt, and go with it. The blog would only be for that. Good idea? Yes, no? We'll see.

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