Friday, December 16, 2005


Today, Nancy and I celebrated my birthday. It's actually tomorrow. I'm going to be 42. I was born at 10:15am, away in a manger, no crib for my head. Oh, wait, that was someone else.

I spent most of the morning fixing some computer stuff, and doing another command line tutorial. Sometimes, I get forced into them.

We saw King Kong this afternoo/evening. When you go to see it, be prepared for a marathon of a movie. I liked it, but it was long. The main thing I liked about it was how close they kept to the original 1933 version. Nancy thought Kong was like a big puppy.

I have to work tomorrow, so I won't be celebrating my birthday till after work. We'll go to dinner. Probably El Potro. I like El Potro.

No pictures today, as nothing much really happen worth taking a picture of. There's always me, but there's enough pics of me on my flickr pages already.

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