Saturday, December 03, 2005

Disney MGM

Nancy and I went to Disney MGM today. We had a good time, especially on the Rock'n Rollercoaster. That's the best rollercoaster I've been on.

I woke up late today; about 9:30am. I've been staying up too late trying to get this affilate program thing working well. So far, Wal Mart and Amazon have responded, so I'll post some of my suggested purchases from them for now.

Nancy and I left for MGM late today -about 2:30pm. This was probably a good thing, except by the time we got there, Nancy's bloodsugar had dropped too low. Anyone who know's Nancy, knows what happens if her bloodsugar gets too low. We got some icecream in her, and the Wicked Witch of Orlando disappeared.

Oh, let me do my commercial now:
Today's Blog brought to you by:
Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, and the SelectTech Package

Pictured above is the Bowflex/Nautilus adjustable dumbbells, called SelectTech. You can learn more about them at: BowFlex SelectTech. For some reason, the picture above is showing the 220 in my preview mode, but when you clieck on it, it should come up with the 550 set. These are pretty cool. In some ways, they're better than PowerBlocks. The only drawback of them is that they go up to 52.5 lbs, and no addon kits are available, just yet. I've tried them a bit, and they are a really good tool. Well made too, probably better made than the PowerBlocks. The BowFlex bench is nice, but a bit too big for me. The overall price of the package isn't too bad though. Prices subject to change, of course. Right now, it's listed at $866 for the entire package.
A lesser priced alternative is:

The current price for the Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells are $39.99. I good deal there. I'll post up some recommended adjustable benches tomorrow. Sports Authority has a pretty good selection of some pretty good stuff, but Amazon and Wal Mart list some good things too. If you're curious, or just click on the links above.

Back to the importan stuff: ME - Tomorrow, I'll be working at Sports Authority. Hopefully by Monday, I'll have my site updated, and you can see that. Maybe do some online shopping there too, while your surfing my site. Enough sales. Well, one more:

Don't forget to buy a copy of Florida Shorts. Three of my stories are in it. You can even have it giftwrapped, and sent directly to someone on your Out-Of-Town shopping list.

I haven't worked out in a few days. Other than walking the dogs, nothing. Nada, Ziltch, Zippo. Goose egg... So much for my making it go somewhere idea. I've been so focused on learning Red Hat Linux - Fedora Core distribution. I'm liking it more and more, despite some of the limitations with things I'm use to. Actually, the OS isn't really limited; my understand is. I'll get better.

Thanks for reading my blog. Oh, and don't forget to read Nancy's Blog

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