Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lunch Break

During my lunch break today, I walked over to Petsmart. I like going there because the let dogs in. Dogs make my heart feel good inside. It's difficult to hold back a smile when I see a dog, tail-a-waggin. Today though, my heart broke a wee bit. The dog you see above is one of several they had out. There was a volunteer group taking care of them. They were Katrina survivor animals. Each one had a story, where and how it was found, the condition it was in, and how it is now. They were very nice dogs, and wanted to go home with someone so bad. I wanted to take one home, but another dog just won't work right now. A year or two away, maybe. We'd love to taking in a Katrina survivor, but ChiliDog just isn't old enough yet. She's got another year or so before she's grown enough. I feel bad though; everyone could have a reason to not take in a dog. The thing is to find a reason why. That's the only way these dogs will have a home. Hopefully, there will be some dog-empty homes out there, badly in need of some love, and badly needing to give love. One of the beautiful creatures would be glad to help out such a family.

Okay, enough of the sappy shit.

Today- I went to work at 10am, came home, ate at El Potro, went to Borders, walked the dogs, then back on the computer for more Linux practice, affiliate setups, and Main Site work. I'd like to have My Store page completed by tomorrow night, and the sub-pages of it by Friday. I'm just waiting on acceptance from a few more affiliate vendors. Oh, speaking of that; Today's Blog brought to you by:
Florida Shorts: Short Tales by Five Florida Writers
Florida Shorts: Short Tales by Five Florida Writers

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I do have one more product recommendation:

I tried out this DVD, and was really impressed. It's pretty basic, but Seanne Corn does a really good job of instructing you through the sequence. Like I said, it's pretty basic, so it would be a good one if your fairly new to Yoga.

Okay, enough ads for today. Speaking of Yoga, I STILL haven't trained in a few days. Anything. This is what happens when I get out-of-pattern. It's partially why I prefer to train, in one way or another, everyday. Training momentum works for me. Or at the moment, works against me. I would train tonight, but it would keep me awake right now. Yoga tomorrow- for sure.

Stephen and Brett, if you read my blog- and I hope you do- please send me some pics to post.

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