Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Okay, so it's not the most original title. We're suppose to be celebrating the Sweet Little Baby Jesus's Birthday anyway.

Something's been bothering me lately. It's not important, but here goes: You know in Star the Jedi and the Sith use Light Sabers, and these things seem to be the ultimate weapon in that galaxy? Did no one there ever invent a mirror there????? Hello??? Reflect the light! Duh. Come get me now, you little green Jedi bitch. I bet the Emperor is gay (not that there's anything wrong with that), and he pronounces his name, Darth Thidious. I'll make me a mirror suit, and beat their asses with a simple stick!

Wonderful Christmas spirit there, huh?

Nancy and I went to Epcot for Christmas today.
It was a little crowded, but not nearly as bad as Magic Kingdom probably was. We watch the Christmas performance, hosted by John Stamos. I wonder if he's still has that wife of his?

After that, we at at Biergarten at the German Pavilion. Nancy was all about the cute German Matre D guy. She was all giggly and stuff. "Yeah, I know what Deutsch means....Tee Hee."
The food was pretty good. I ate too much. The most interesting thing about the whole day was that the Wonders of Life Pavilion was open.
We rode Body Wars, and Nancy saw Cranium Command and the closest thing to porn Disney's ever done, The Making of Me. The parent couple starts smooching in bed, and you know what happens next. Of course, Met Life is not longer the sponsor. I'm not even sure Met Life is still around. The Mafia probably bought them out.

I did Yoga before work on Friday, but had to get up early on Christmas Eve to work at Sports Authority. It's amazing how frustrated people get when you don't have merchandise on Christmas Eve. All I had to do to stop their lashing out at me in anger was to thump my chest and yell, "Come on, bitch. What you got?? Huh? What's you got? You're a little pissy-ass whiny bitch, cause you waited till Christmas Eve to shop. Now you got shit. Those little snots noses back at the trailer are going to have to get soap for Christmas, cause you're a pissy-ass-whiny-wait-till-Christmas Eve bitch." Of course, the manager didn't like that. Okay. I didn't really do that, but I sure wanted to. So did all the other employees. Probably everyone who worked in retail on Christmas Even felt that way. Actually, they day at work wasn't bad at all. Only a few people were angry, and they were mostly frustrated with themselves, and we happened to be standing in front of them when the frustration came out. If they were really mad at me, I would have had to bitch-slap them. Well, at least I would have wanted to.

To be honest, I'm simply too lazy to get that angry.

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