Thursday, December 01, 2005


Today was fairly productive, even though I didn't really do anything. It's a realization as to why I sit in front of the computer so much. Since I don't do movement in front of the computer, I feel lazy. But, I get a lot done.

Today, I signed up for some affiliate programs. On my site, I'll have many more links in My Store section. Right now, it goes to my apparal site. I do hope you visit that site, and make a few purchases here and there. I'd love to see my face on someone I've never met. That would be pretty cool. I've signed up for several different companies. Basically, if you use my links to purchase something, I get a little bit of the money. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick out specific items I recommend. Right now, each checkout will have to be seperate. I'm sure there's a way to consolidate the checkout, but I'll work on that later. Most of my affiliates have to do with fitness, books, or places I shop, and things I like. You'll see.

We saw, Walk The Line today. Joaquin Phoenix will probably win the Oscar for that, for sure. It might even get best move. Reece Witherspoon did really good in the part of June Carter Cash, but I don't think the part was that much a stretch for her. She's a Tennessee girl already. She did a good job though. I was convinced of each part through the movie. This one is a must see.

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