Friday, February 24, 2006


I would love to say this is my get-up, but it's not. Both lit, one watercooled, three screens, and a laptop, all on Fedora Linux. That is one awesome get-up. Hopefully, someday I'll have something that looks like this. Even better; I'd be able to work from home.

For over 20 years, the fitness business has been my main source of income. Occasional part-time jobs, especially at Christmas and the summer, here and there. But the fitness business has changed, the Personal Trainers industry has changed, and the economy has changed. And, I've changed, hopefully for the better.

I decided to pursue a second career in Computer Information Technology, not because I don't like being a personal trainer (in fact, I love it), but because I needed different pursuit; something to work for. In the past, most of my focus of effort was on the physical area, but now it's the mental.

Training is still my focus, and hopefully I might be able to merge the two, and create an industry. Or, I might be able to get a cubicle job. You a a building....with suits. My stomach is already getting tight from the thought.

Some random thoughts there.

Back to the picture; I could think of a few more things I'd add;
  • A PocketPC/cellphone - or Linux based similar
  • A good webcam
  • A good mic - for podcasting
  • And....the monitor and keyboards could raise up and down, so I could stand and work for awhile, if I needed.
The thing is; even with all that equipment, with careful planning, budgeting, and careful internet shopping, all that can be done pretty cheap - under $2000. The biggest problem wouldn't be the money; it would be the time it took to hunt down that stuff at cheap prices.

What I'm mostly impressed with is HOW did he keep that place looking neat??

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