Wednesday, February 08, 2006


It's said, "Absolute power corrupts aboslutely." Ah, but I have proof of the alternative.

Ghandi. A simple man. Never held office, never made millions, but lead his people and his nation to freedom. And another man followed his example.

Today, Coretta Scott King was honor in a service in Lithonia Ga. I don't think as many important people came to honor Reagan when he died. Martin Luther King Jr. followed the direction of Ghandi; non violent, passive resistance, and civil disobedience. How many people today are even aware of these men, and this woman's contribution to mankind.

Some men are of great achievement. Some are of great power. But a rare few have the kind of influence simple men do. We remember these type of men differently. Lao Tsu, Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther, Martin Luther Jr. (I didn't add in Mohammad. At this time, I remain unconvinced of his 'peaceful nature'). These men, quite literally, stirred the soul, and made man better. For the most part.

Coretta Scott King was s simple woman, but today the world saw the influence she had. Some people complained about the political zings. I disagree. Mrs. King's life influence politics, to a great degree, and any place was the right place, that was it. I'd say the 'Best Speech' award goes to Clinton. He's a master at speaking, and did it well.

Former President Jimmy Carter made a rightful zing about the ongoing NSA wiretapping. He pointed out how the government tapped the King family, and how the FBI treated the Kings. This was the best time, and the best way to bring up that point.

My Aside:
"President Bush, it's not that we don't think the surveillance is necessary, we just don't trust you with it. You've proven management incompetence many times now. Too many to ignore. Now, This Time, you want us to buy your story?"

We said good-bye today to someone what will be remembered beyond 4000 years from now. Her name will go down with the ones I mentioned earlier, and she will rest with Dr. King.

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