Sunday, February 05, 2006

Later Ya'll

Yes, I watched the Super Bowl. And the commercials. And the cheerleaders. And the dancers, especially the Seattle Sea Sluts (that's what Nancy called them). Then I got to thinking (that, my friends, is my usual preview words when you're about to enter Dannyland):.....

What if I was one of the few last people on earth, and disaster struck, and the Seattle Sea Sluts were the only girls left in the area. We'd have to repopulate. Can't you just imagine a couple'a hundred little Danny's running around? The earth would have been better of with the original disaster. reality, I'd windup being the last guy stuck with a convention of the womens meeting of The National Association of School Cafeteria Workers. I guess I'd have to do my duty. I'd give them the best 30 seconds of their lives.

When I first got to high school, and first saw our school cafeteria ladies, there was one really obese woman, and another looked like an anorexic marathon runner, except she didn't look that healthy. I could have sworn she wasn't a few years older than me. For the entire two years I remember her being there, I had to fight the urge to ask, "Are you what happens to people who don't finish High School?

At least the lady's would be able to cook.

I have more schoolwork to do, but I'm almost ahead in both classes. Staying ahead isn't really that hard. It's just a bit more time. Getting behind is what's hard. I'm learn that the main difference between the two is time management. Yeah....I know. It took me this long. Move along now.

It's getting closer to Art Festival time. Just a bit more than a month away. I'll be really busy during that time. I'll be glad when it's here, but I'm also glad when it's done.

I should have a new niece by now. I haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully, things are going well. Mark and Nicole are having a little girl; Lexie.

Chili's hip is getting better. She gets her staples out tomorrow. She looks like little Frankenchili.

I guess that's enough of Dannyland, for now.

Oh, and the "Later Ya'll" title? I think that would be an appropriate thing on my tombstone.

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