Thursday, February 02, 2006

Flesh Eating Bacteria

This afternoon, I went to a presentation on "Developing Your Portfolio". I thought we were going to grow mushrooms. But nooooo. They wanted to talk business, and experience, credentials, achievements, and other icky stuff.

I did come up with the idea of creating an online resume, and an online portfolio. Need to put some thought into that.

The presentation was for extra credit, for my speech class.

Then, I went to class, turned in my assignments, only to discover I missed one. Not a good pattern to get into if I'm going to be doing computer work.

Nancy's toe is really messed up. I'm pretty sure it's broke, at least the cuticle is damaged. It's swollen big, and she popped a pus bag from behind the nail. I'm glad I wasn't there. I'd a probably lost it. I thought she should go to the doctor, but she doesn't want to catch Flesh Eating Bacteria. Can't blame her on that.

I have 9900 overtime minutes on my cellphone. Think I should lower my plan?

Come to think of it, I don't really like mushrooms all that much.

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