Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Cause of Stupidity

"Doesn't anyone have any common sense anymore?" - When did they ever??
"What happen to nature weeding out the stupid from the gene pool?"

I hear things like that all the time. But, interestingly enough, I know how people became more stupid;

Trial Lawyers.

Yes, I'm serious.

It works like this:
Part of what's kept us alive as humans are critical thinking skills. Living off the land creates very well developed critical thinking skills -everything you do is critical. In todays world, you don't have to think anymore. Someone else has done it for you.

Someone stands too close to Niagra falls, and falls in. That's a completely natural event. No violence, just poor judgement skills. But, the Trial Lawyer was on his visit to Niagra too. Rushed over and immediately assumed representation, and made the surviving family weathy. The Niagra park was sue beyond wits end, and new policies and procedures where put in place -along with taller rails. Since then, no one has gone over the falls.

Now, that story is fake, of course, but it kind of makes the point. People don't get to exercise the critical thinking skills of, "Don't get so friggin near that drop." Now imagine something like that, put in place everywhere you do.

All because of trial lawyers.

But all of this raises the question; what would the world be like if everyone were smart, or at least did have common sense/critical thinking skills.

Not so sure I want that. Let me bask in my stupidity.

Thanks, Morgan and Morgan.


I've worked at Sports Authority the last few days, and I've picked up some new clients too. I'm not even done with these classes, and I'm ready for my next ones. I usually have better patience.

I'm learning more Linux stuff. The whole concept is incredible interesting, and I think we're going to see some interesting things happen with it in the next two years.

If Wal-Mart wanted to, it could produce it's on Linux distro, produce good, cheap computers for very low prices, and sell a lot. The usability for newbies is much better, and getting easier every few months, not just every few years. So many people are working on improving it, it moves at a much faster pace.

It seems like $150 is the magic number for big sales. Anything that gets below that price seems more affordable for most people, even those that probaby couldn't really afford it. It's just low enough to be percieved as affordable.

More random thoughts.

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