Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Winter Olympics

I love the Winter Olympics, as much or more than the Summer Olympics.

The Summer Olympics, for the most part, are about athletetism, physical effort, and endurance; Higher, Faster, Stronger. I was in a 'non-sport' sport- Gymnastics. We call them Subjective Sports. I have a great deal of respect for the athletes in the Objective Sports, pretty much anything where there's a finish line, heaviest weight, highest pole, etc.

If the Summer Olympics are about athletics, the Winter Olympics are about all out Daring. Most of the athelets are daredevils (except Curling, of course). Thrillseekers. I respect and admire their daring, and their stupidity. After all, you gotta be pretty stupid to do a triple somersault with a double twist -A triple double- with no pad to land on, other than snow. You gotta be pretty daring to get up from a skiing crash, butt still clenched, and ski anyway. You gotta admire someone willing to fly, under their own effort, for over 103 meters (344 feet!!). I don't think the Wright Brothers ever flew that far, and with an engine!

So, Bryant Gumbel, screw you!

I had my Speech Class tonight. Not feeling to confident about it. As Dilbert would put it, "Thriving on Vague Objectives." I guess it's a bit like the Ice Skating, or Gymnastics Judging. Some of the students are getting together to meet, just to make sure we're getting things right. Guess I'm not the only one in a befuddlement. I don't expect to get all A's, expecially in subjective classes. God know's I'm use to subjectivity, having been a gymnast. But I sure hate that not-so-confident feeling, especially when it comes to school. I haven't had the best experiences with organized education (I do appreciate Organized Religion, though, whatever the Hell Organized Religion is suppose to mean).

Well, my athletic training isn't occuring right now, but my athletic brain did need a rest today, and I was glad for the company in my nap.

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"Wright" know me..just can't

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Thanks. Is corrected.