Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ubuntu Linux

We had this older Strawberry iMac around. My stepson, Brett, had been using it, but the hard disk was damaged, and it kept locking up with Mac OS X. I tried to install Fedora Core 4 Linux for PowerPC, but it had a bug in the install engine, so I installed Ubuntu Linux instead. It went right on. The machine now seems to run faster than it did with it's originall version on Mac OS 8.0 on it. The hard disk was reformatted, with the damaged spot being worked around -a nifty little utility. So, we have another computer that works quite well. I need to find something that will let a USB Wireless adapter work with Ubuntu, and then we can find someone who'll get good use from it.

I have class tonight, and I think we might have a test, so I need to study. Not that it really matters; it's a take home test.

Mark Shuttleworth
, thanks for Ubuntu.


Lisa said...

Which Ubuntu did you use? We can't find any G3/Mac Ubuntu other than Edubuntu. We'd love to get Ubuntu on our son's old G3 Strawberry iMac. ;)

Danny said...

On all the G3/iMac's I've used, Xubuntu 6.06.1 works best. None of the others seem to load very well on it. I've written more about it in other blog posts. Try Xubuntu on it, and use the "Alternate Install CD" only. The live CD doesn't work.