Thursday, February 23, 2006

I did my speech tonight. I'll try to post a clip. I was a bad boy. I did it on the skull and bones, and actually got away with it...teehee.

I talked about how writers -Dan Brown, for example- use conspiracy theories as background and plot for his stories. I intend to write a novel, using the skulls and the storyline. That was what the presentation was about, and what I've been slogging my brains away on all week. I just want to get one of these friggin things right. At least mostly right.

I did pretty good. Flubbed the intro a wee bit, but recovered and moved into the body, and then.....oh my! The media clips didn't work. The one computer, in the whole friggin school, is the one that hadn't been updated with the Powerpoint plugins for the newest Windows Medial Player. I was like a guy pressing the mute button over and over, wondering why the channel won't change. After too long an interrupt, I quoted the clips, and got through the speech.

I looked it over when I got home. My mouth was really dry, my sinus were draining, so I kept having to clear my throat, and cough occasionally. Of course, it could have been the dry mouth, and the saliva turning to cement. Yeah. Something like that.

My biggest problem was using the cue cards. I would have done far better without them. I had the whole thing in my head, at least well enough to get the material out. Looking at the cards interrupts my train of thought, I lose my place, and the pause is already too long just typing about it. Next time, I may just make the cards -they're evidently a 'requirement'. Sounds communist, don't it? I'll just fill them out, but only keep them in my hand when I speak. I do much better from my head, and the Powerpoint. The friggin thing reminds me what I'm doing next, and leads my train of thought. Oh, wait, I'm not suppose to reveal the Brethren of ADD Revolutionary Army counter-intelligence secrets. Opps.

So, sorry for the lack of posts this week. Yes, I know; here I go, and do a presentation on blogs, then barely even post at all during the very next week.

Oh, wait,...another BADDRA secret. Man....I'm gonna have my user privileges removed.

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