Friday, June 30, 2006

Congrats Nancy!

In her short time blogging, Nancy has passed me in page views. She's earned it. Her writing is very entertaining. I'm willing to bet she probably has more individual site visitors, too. Nancy works hard at her blog. She posts every day. And she puts up pics every day on her Flickr site. People love pics. Especially of girls. Especially of bright shiny object girls.

Just look at that smile. Don't be fooled. Behind it lies a sinister mind. One capable of world-wide conquest, but only on a sunny day of course.

Those of us who know Nancy know she likes to talk. A lot. It's how she releases nervous tension. She even thinks out loud. She may tell stories, but she can never actually lie. It would eventually come out. The cool thing about Nancy is; she wears herself on her sleave. What you see (and hear) is what you get. And, what you read.

So, check out her blog. NOW!!

I know I need to blog more. I was doing very well when I blogged daily, and especially what I posted lots of pictures. As you can tell, I use for my blog. Nancy uses Yahoo360. I like Yahoo360, and I have a page reserved there. It links to this page, my main one. Yahoo360 has lots of tools. More than blogger. Nancy can see how many page views she has. So can I, but she can see how many individual visitors she has. She can see how many page views total, in a month, in a week, or in a day. Good tools, not to mention the automatic linking to Flickr. Yeah, I have a flickr dohicky too. Yahoo360 has done a good job with their stuff, and I recommend it.

But, blogger what my first blog. I'm use to it, and so are you. I'll stick with it. Sure, I could go to Yahoo360, or even better, make my own. I could use Moveable Type, just like Cory Doctorow does, on his site. I could use Drupal, like Leo Laporte does, on But why? Those take actual work. And we all know, work sucks. Even when you're not getting paid for it.

I'm sure part of my slow down in blogging, and page view, is from my time spent studying. It's also the cause of my techy comments. Boring to most, I'm sure. But the cool thing about blogging is: I don't care! Okay, well I do, but not all that much. I'm not being paid here, and you don't have to read. If you are reading, THANK YOU very much. Most people skip over my techy comments anyway. But, they are my life now. While I still workout, my personal training business will become part-time, and not my major source of income. I'll always train a few people, but technology is where my future is. So, I blog about technology. Even if it bores you.

The funny thing is; I originally started this blog so my family and friends could read it, and keep up with what's going on in my life. Guess who are the last people to read my blog.

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