Friday, June 30, 2006

Finding Time

Earlier this year I made a goal of improving my time management process. So far, I've not done well. Actually, as far as time management goes, I've failed miserably.

A few years ago, my friend Josh and I decided we value our free time to much to be overly productive. That, an neither of us really admire achievement. We train lots of over achiever types, and they're more unhappy than the under achievers. The over achievers are always stressed, whereas the under achievers are usually a little too laid back. I'd rather be a little too laid back, poor, and happy.

When I have done well at time management, I've been incredibly productive. But, I seemed to be busy enough, without enjoying life. What I forgot to do was pay myself first, just like with a budget.

So, in the future, I have to schedule the fun first. In the past, my productivity has been all or nothing. That would make me look like the over consuming, self important woman across the street, living in their oversized mac-mansion. God knows, I don't want to be or look like that!

Technology Warning: Techy comments to follow. Read at your own risk.

My Bossman project is helping me in the A+ Hardware class. I still haven't conquered wireless networking with Linux yet, but I'm getting close. Step-by-step, I'll get it.

What I'm missing are monitors. I have plenty of computers to give, but no monitors for them. Whoever gets these computer will have to get their own monitor. So, if anyone out there in the Central Florida area want to unload and old CRT that works just fine, email me.

I got My Toy back. The headphone jack is fixed, and I can listen to my techy podcasts, audiobooks, language lessons, and newscasts now.

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