Saturday, June 17, 2006


I can see how some American's lose their patriotism. They are the ones that see Americans. Real Americans. The people who usually practice the American tradition of overconsumption. I see why bad attitudes exist in retail. Why employees smile whipes away when they see you. I understand why some seem to roll their eyes when you ask for help. I see the reasons behind the general sense of frustration, and even despair in the retail industry.

In the back of your mind, buried deep, the person in working in the retail indusy has the slight, gnawing feeling that their participating in something that 'just ain't right'. They're not sure what, it's just there.

I'm beginning to believe that the current corporate structure is becoming outdate. It may work in some business, but it seems to be a very ineffective structure for others. I'm beginning to think it's the wrong structure for retail.

Of course, I could be talking about something I know nothing about.

What's going on with me? Most of my time is spent studying. I would post you some pictures, but there would be nothing new in the background. That, and I'm having to get the headphone jack fixed on My Toy (iPAQ 3715 Pocket PC). Can't listen to my podcasts and Audiobooks.

Either America ain't what it use to be, or I was too young to notice it's always been like this.

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