Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Break

We went to Islands of Adventure yesterday. It was the first time for us both. We'd been to Universal, but not to Islands of Adventure. Nancy got a special invitation in the mail, so we used it. We decided we'll have to get annual passes for this place too.

Yesterday was a good break. I did study yesterday morning, but even still, my mind was whiz-banging on computer hardware stuff all day long. Being in the mix of battle, so to speak, it's hard to take your mind off it. Motherboards, SIMMs, DIMMs, DDR SDRAM, logical volumes, and bits of binary danced in my head all these last few days. It still doesn't feel like studying, or work. It's still fun. I guess that's a good sign.

My dual booting computer is stable, speedy, and really useful. I might have to setup my laptop like that. The harddrive on this one is slow, so I'll probably wait till prices come down on laptop harddrives before redoing this one, and giving it the dual boot.

Checkout My Flickr photos to see our day off.

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