Thursday, June 15, 2006

So Long Bill

Today, Bill Gates announced he'll be stepping down from Microsoft. I think he's going to miss it. Not the wealth. He's going to give that away, anyway. He's going to miss the creation. The playing with software like a toy.

During his time at Microsoft, Bill Gates changed the world. Microsofts mission statement was "A Computer On Every Desktop". He accomplished that, and more. A computer in every pocket. Without Microsofts' influence, and background support archeicture, there would be no cellphones. No PocketPC. Funny thing is; Steve Jobs almost had that position, and lost it. But the Macs are better because of it.

Bill Gates has changed how we work, interact, communicate, and how we are entertained. He's a visionary. A good one. But, it's done.

He's accomplished his goal; A computer on every desktop. I think part of Microsofts problem now is lack of direction. No purpose. No new creations, or at least, nothing specatular.

In fact, the doors of Microsoft (Windows) are falling in. The attacks on the structure of Windows has become impossible to truly defend. Their domination of the market is the cause of their downfall.

Microsoft will fall. Not completely, but it will never be the dominator/terminator it once was. It might be possible, but only if they change quick. Very quick.

I don't hate Windows. I don't hate Bill Gates. I admire him. He got to do what he loved; make technology happen. Whether his wealth was worth it, I'll let you argue that one.

At their best, Microsoft played tricky business games, and got slapped on the wrist, but greatly hassled by the Department of Justice. It may have been part of their downfall, but I don't think so. I don't think most people cared. They just wanted their computers to work right. And for awhile, Windows made that happen.

I'm sure will be hearing more from Bill and Malinda Gates.

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