Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pack Leader

I might have introduced the newest member of our pack, Ginny, but I couldn't remember, and was too lazy to look back through my blog entries. I don't keep a database of them in my head.

Ginny Loo Who is what Nancy calls her. Ginny is a wonderful, full blooded, Lousianna Catahoula Leopard Dog. A bit like a Blue Tick Coonhound, but with smaller ears. These dogs are bread to heard pigs, goats, and sometimes cattle. Mostly pigs. Big ones. Really big ones. Catahoula is a parish in Lousianna. The breed is named for the parish. Leopard describes their appearance. Spotted. Ginny's coloring is described as 'patchwork'. These are good dogs to have if you have children, but you have to get them to learn not to jump up on the kids. Other than that, they are wonderful with kids.

Nancy and I have been watching the Dog Whisperer - Cesar Millan.
We've learned we've made some mistakes training the dog. Mostly, we treated them like little children. They're not. They dogs, and their natural thinking is pack behavior. Cesar trains dogs in a pack leader position. Nancy and I have bought and watch the first season of Dog Whisperer, and have already learned a lot. Nancy's a bit reluctant to position herself as pack leader, so I'm taking to position (Danny beating his chest). It works. It works really well. I HIGHLY recommend getting those DVD's, and learning how he is with dogs.

I used the pack leader position today to get the dogs to swim. They did just fine. They were not happy with it at first, and it will take them awhile to get through the panic. If you have a dog, become the pack leader. I think anyone who has to manage people should learn how to be a calm, assertive pack leader.

Nevermind that. Most people aren't as smart as dogs.

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