Monday, June 12, 2006

New Addition

Nancy spent the last two weeks, maybe more, in complete obsession on dogs again. Nancy's really good with dogs. Me too, pretty much. The pic above is of our new family member; Ginny. She is a full bread Louisianna Catahoula Leopard Dog. A blue tic Coonhound has longer ears. Ginny is a treat. Sweet girl, and gets along really good with Abby and Chili. Especially Chili. They are best friends. Friends in mischief.

Nancy's blog is much better than mine. She writes everyday. Sometimes twice a day. Her writing technique is fun, so, I suggest you check it out.

Techy Comments mode; on.
My used equipment with Linux fully installed, is stalled. Unless someone already has wired broadband access. Then, it works perfect. I'm still struggling to get wireless equipment to work on Linux. Both Fedora and Ubuntu have been a struggle. I've tried the top ten distributions. I still like Ubuntu, and see why it's #1. It works with most everything. On the message boards, wireless works perfect right away on the install, with some machines. And, some people are able to get the wireless working, after much command line work.

In order for my project to work, I have to have;
  • Useable equipment - Even some stuff as far back as 97 will work. Most stuff after 2000 will work really well.
  • A copy of Linux that's good enough to replace Windows XP or Mac
  • In most cases, the users of the equipment will need wireless access. My project is meant to get equipment into the hands of people who don't have a computer, probably wouldn't be able to afford one, and they probably won't have their own broadband access. The equipment will need to be strong enough to access a wireless access point.
  • An antenna good enough to reach five miles. A good possibility. With a wireless system that can reach that far, a computer should be able to find an open, free access point.
I've got computers. I just need to get the wireless working. Preferably, a USB wireless receiver. Cheaper.

Lots of studying lately. Especially the simulators. I'm treating them like a game. Everything I've used in each hardware class, I've used will working on this project. Having this much equipment really helps me gain experience. Just think of me as your auto mechanic, but for the computer.

No matter how the software or internet companies change, everyone will need their hardware worked on, or tweaked. Hopefully, I'll always have a job.

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