Saturday, May 05, 2007

Various Updates

I made all A's this semester! Yes, I should be proud, and am proud. I've come to expect it of myself now. But, I'm getting into the more difficult subjects for my degree. I'll be proud to pass, and very proud of more A's. Next thing: Get A+ Certified!

I'm looking for a job for the summer. Hopefully, I'll get a good one that can help pay for school. Since no classes I need are offered this summer, I'm focusing on getting the certifications I need right now: A+, Network+, and Linux+. I've got most of the study materials I need.

Get this: Vista doesn't synchronize well with my iPAQ PocketPC - a Microsoft based product! If I write a file in Pocket Word, it won't synchronize to Word 2007. Add that to the fact that transferring any media files (MP3's, ogg's, Video) to the PocketPC is extremely slow, it's not worth bothering to connect it. It's faster to use the SD card, and transfer media that way. I'm getting the idea they want to encourage the use of Windows Mobile 5, instead of Pocket PC 2003 with Vista. Sounds like the whole iPhone/OS X Leopard thing.

As far as any future device for me, it will have to be something that is basically a cell phone combined with Pocket PC like stuff. I do like having all my ebooks, but if I have to, I'll get over not having them. Palm (the Palm Pilot people) may be making a Linux based device soon. I'll keep my eyes on that. I'm not concerned that it's Linux based, I just want it to:
  1. Take and make phone calls
  2. Take pictures
  3. Listen to audio
  4. Go online
  5. Ebooks, maybe
At the very least, mine still works well with Windows XP. Yeah...that's the least.

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn
My Feisty installation is doing fine. No problems so far. I installed it on my stepson's computer, but he's too far away to be able to borrow wireless Internet signal. There are two nearby, but they're password protected. Hosers. One thing I really like is that I got the frequency scaling working really good this time. I'm not sure Feisty couldn't do it out of the box. I never gave it a try. I fairly sure it didn't, though. I get about one hour and fifteen minutes now. That's almost like a real laptop! It never did that with Windows. I think even new it got one hour. So, after some good fiddling, it turns out I don't even need a new battery. What I always needed was a real operating system.

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