Monday, May 28, 2007

NonTechy Post

Since Nancy's mom passed, we both have been in 'distraction mode'. We keep busy to avoid the rush of grief. Nancy moreso than myself, of course. But, the grief does come, and it hits at strange times. As time goes by, we start remembering others that have passed in our lives; My father, grandfathers, grandmother, Gary Dotson. Those are just some recent ones for me. The 90's seem to kill off half my family. Natural causes, but it was still a lot in a short time. Death is a part of life, but grief is one of those parts of life that just plain sux.

You may have noticed most of my posts are tech related lately. Two reasons for that;
  1. Most of my recent days have been tech-filled. Not many other events.
  2. I'm looking for a part time tech job, and hoping the interviewers look at my blog.
That, and my head is just plain tech filled lately.

My sister and mother are in England. I hope they got there safe, and get home safe. And have a good time. One of my brothers is trying to start a business. I hope he gets going, mostly so I can convince him the benefits of nepotism. My other brother is dealing with a mentally deranged boss. No exaggeration there, from what I understand. This brother is an incredibly patient person (a Thompson trait, it seems), and able to work with most anyone. If he can't work well with that person, then the guy should seek employment elsewhere. May I suggest a few places: Columbia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine. Let's see how long his mental condition lasts in those places.

Our dogs are doing well. Other than the passing of her mother, Nancy and her family are doing well. Nancy and I are doing well. Other than needing a job and a dentist, I'm doing well. In fact, my life, for the most part, has been far better than I could ever deserve.
Actually, I never really grew up. I just see no benefit in being 'mature'.

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