Monday, May 21, 2007

Just a Few Things

I don't really like computers!
Seriously, I don't. That's like saying, "I really like wrenches" or, "I really like drill presses." A computer is a freaking tool. That is all. What I like is what I can do with a computer. What I can use a computer for. Just as a mechanic likes what he can do with a wrench, or a drill press. Or a girl. I really like what I can do with a girl. Oh. Wait. Never mind that last one. I actually really do like girls (especially the Nancy one).

I like computers, because I can:
  • Learn
  • Communicate with my friends and family
  • Meet people -even if only virtually
  • Quickly learn from others experience
  • Share my experiences
  • Share my daily life - especially with my friends and family
  • Keep in touch with friends that without the internet would be gone
For me, a computer is a tool. Okay, maybe something more like a tool that's also a 3D puzzle, but still just a tool. In ten years, computer will be completely different, and we'll use them different, but we'll still use them to interact with each other. That's what I like about computers.

Speaking of Learning
Probably the best thing I've found on the internet so far:
This is a speed reading tool. You can use it in two ways:
  1. Highlight and copy an article you want to read online
    1. Paste it to the Spreed application
    2. Adjust your settings (I like to see 2-4 words at one time, at about 350 words per minute)
    3. Read. Fast. Faster.
  2. Highlight the article you want to read
    1. Use the book marklet you put in your toolbar to use Spreed! automatically.
If you are a student, or it's important to your work to keep up with things, Spreed is an excellent tool. I've been hoping for something like this to come along. I might even try it with a few stories. I tend to like to read fiction slower, but who knows. Maybe something like spreed will keep the pace going better.

More on Mark Shuttleworth
I've said before that all movements, especially in technology, need an icon. Bill Gate/Microsoft. Steve Jobs/Apple. Larry Ellison/Oracle. Michael Dell/Dell. Andy Grove/Intel. Henry Ford/Ford. Thomas Edison/Edison Electric.

Notice when the icon is not there, the company doesn't do as good? Ford, Edison Electric, Dell. They all needed their icon. And remember when Jobs was forced out of Apple? Yeah...thought you didn't remember. That's when Microsoft came on strong.

There are times when an icon shows why he's an icon. In his blog post about Software Patents and Microsoft, Mark Shuttleworth shows why he'll be a very strong icon. Everyone keep an eye on this guy. Just keep in mind: Mark Shuttleworth/Ubuntu

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