Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Red Laptop Progress

Today, I painted the main shell parts of the laptop. I learned a few things:
  1. Use something to hold down all corners of the newspaper: During the painting of the bottom of the shell, wind blew the newspaper over, and made it stick to the paint, ripping is away. You can tell the paint is messed up there, but luckily it's on the bottom. The parts people will see came out perfect.
  2. Use a mask: I can still smelling paint in my sinuses. I now understand why people use those things.

It came out pretty good. The bottom was painted after these pieces and smaller parts later. I really lucked out on not getting the pieces above messed up.

I'm not really looking forward to putting it back together. I have the diagrams and all, but the parts are real small. I'll be lucky if I can get it back together right, much less working.

Just in case you forgot, this is what I'm working on getting here:


Ana- said...

hey, what happened to your red laptop? did you manage to put it back together?

Danny said...

This project got put on the back-burner while we we doing some home renovations. Also, I do much of my rebuild on my patio, and in the summer, it's 95 degrees in the shade.
I'll probably finish the project in the fall.

One thing I did decide: Painting a laptop kind of goes against some of the Free Geek principles, particularly of "recycle responsibly". While it makes the laptop pretty, painting it is unnecessary, and over-consuming of resources.

Still, it does look good.