Sunday, May 13, 2007

Legal Chicken

It's getting close to summer. I can tell. On every road there are signs out;
  • Sharks and Minnows Summer Swimming Camp
  • Space Camp (we have that here in Florida!)
  • Gymnastics Camp
  • Art Camp
Whatever happen to Camping Camp?

Nancy once (actually, many times) told me a story about a time she went to a mock trial at the Orlando Court House. These were 10-12 year old kids, and the mock trial was the Three Little Pigs against the Wolf. She said it was highly entertaining.

Which brought to question the idea of; Why isn't there a LAW Camp for kids?
They could spend the summer doing all the things it would take to actually bring a case to trial. More practice with the Three Little Pigs, or the children suing the Little Old Lady who lived in a shoe and wouldn't stop reproducing. Or maybe Jack suing the candlestick maker. Better yet, the girls charging Georgie Pordgie for stalking and harassment. Or, the Wolf could sue Little Red Riding Hood. I'd pay to see that. If I had any money, that is.

In Other News
Vista in Latvian means Chicken - hen to be precise. I saw it on a page somewhere, ChaCha'd up a English/Latvian translator, and entered "hen" in the box. Windows Chicken. Hehe.

Vista has that Aero eye candy thing. I tried it for all of five minutes before I turned it off. Same with Beryl on Ubuntu. But, for anyone who thinks Ubuntu isn't a good Windows replacement:

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