Sunday, May 27, 2007

Server Installed! Now What?

So I got the server installed. Maybe not with the RAID 0 setup I wanted, but oh well. No biggy. Now what do I do with this hulking behemoth of a machine?

I installed a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, php) setup on the server when I put the system in. My intention is to learn how to administer a web server. The problem is the heat and noise from this machine. And the fact that it will only do so much. It's pretty old, but still usable. Barely. Except for the SCSI drives, it has a similar configuration as my old Compaq from 1998 (currently running Xubuntu). It's big, heavy, hot, and loud. Not many places to put it. I'd have to sound proof, cool, and vent a small closet for it.

Right now, my intention is to keep the regular Ubuntu Server installation on it, with no GUI. I might eventually give in and install a GUI for it, and use Webmin, like this guy did. I'd really rather use the Sun Ultra 60 I have, but I can't figure how to get that thing working. The Sun machine is much more quiet. I'll probably have to use to use any web server from the house.

Eventually, I need to set up a Print Server, a File Server, and a Mail Server. Not that I personally need all those, but I need to practice setting them up. Although, I hear setting up a mail server, and SMTP is like playing Rachmaninoff (like I actually have any clue about that).

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