Saturday, May 26, 2007

Server Success

Today, I set up an older Compaq Proliant 3000 server with Ubuntu Server 6.06 LTS. That's what it looks like when you're done. There's no desktop with Ubuntu Server. Here's the machine:
It's big. It has a Pentium II, 300 MHz, 128 Mb ram, 2 SCSI 4.3 Gb hard drives. Yes, I know; not a powerhouse. But, with a server you don't really need a powerhouse. You need a sturdy, durable house. This is probably the biggest computer I've ever worked with. And the heaviest; 125 lbs. Fully loaded with BOTH power supplies and all bays with hard drives is 250 lbs. Yeah. Big and heavy.

This is what one should look like:
Mine has two hard drives. I wanted to use RAID 0, but I could only find instructions for setting up RAID 1. My first attempt was with no RAID, and the system wouldn't boot. I couldn't get to a command prompt. When I found the instructions to setup RAID 1 on Ubuntu Server, it worked perfect. I did an update, upgraded the system, and it's working perfect. I got me a good LAMP server!

This guy is selling a Compaq server like mine on eBay, and the price is right. His has lots more hard drives, lots more memory. I might eventually get something like that when I'm interested in setting up my own website. For now, I'll practice on what I have. It was free, from a Free Geek donation!

Besides, this thing is hot an really noisy!

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